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Iain sparks & Friends

Double CD album featuring the best of Iain Sparks & friends with nearly 2 hours of music!

£9.99 + P&P

The ‘Big  O’ show Live!

Superb DVD +CD album featuring new & unreleased  songs.

(Excellent Video quality)

£9.99 + P&P


£5.99 +P&P

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Listen to the tracks before you buy!

The demos on the artistes pages

were taken from these albums

Disc One

  1. 1.Only the Lonely

  2. 2.Dream Baby

  3. 3.Blue Angel

  4. 4.Crying

  5. 5.You Got it

  6. 6.I drove all night

  7. 7.Pretty woman

  8. 8.I would do anything    for love

  9. 9.Paradise by the  dashboard light

  10. 10.You took the Words..

  11. 11.Two outa Three

  12. 12.Dead ringer for love

  13. 13.Bat outa Hell

Disc 2

  1. 1.Brown Eyed Girl

  2. 2.Bright side of the Road

  3. 3.Here comes the night

  4. 4.Moondance

  5. 5.Have I told you lateley

  6. 6.Domino

  7. 7.Baby please don’t go

  8. 8.Takin’my Time

  9. 9.Mustang Sally

  10. 10.Mr Pitiful

  11. 11.Midnight hour

  12. 12.Take me to the River

  13. 13.Try a little tenderness

  14. 14.Dark end of the Street

  15. 15.Meet me by the moonlit River

DVD Video

1.Only the lonely

2.Love Hurts

3.Blue Angel


5.Mean Woman  


6.You Got it

7.I Drove all night

8.Pretty Woman

9.You’re Not Alone

Audio CD

1.Only the lonely

2.Blue Angel

3.Everyday heartache

4.Dream Baby

5.You’re Not Alone


7.I Drove all night

8.Pretty Woman

9.It’s not over


11.Pretty Woman

  1. 12.Teardrops from  Heaven

Featuring new songs by Iain and unrealeased songs by Roy


1.Brown Eyed Girl

2.Bright side of the road

3.Here comes the night



6.Wild Night

7.And it Stoned me

8.Have I told you lately

9.Warm Love

10.Baby please don’t go

11.Takin’ my Time

12.Meet me by the

    Moonlit River


Canned meat!

1.Anything for love

2.Paradise by the

   dashboard light

3.Took the Words

4.Two outa three..

5.Heaven can wait

6.Dead Ringer for love

7.Bat outa Hell

8.Midnight at the lost &


Singles collection

1.Meet me by the

   moonlit River

  1. 2.Knockin’

  2. 3.Play me some music

4. Lily of the Valley

5. Lovin’ You

  1. 6.Takin’ my Time

  2. 7.Tempered by the fire+bonus tracks